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General Information Booklets

Being You

A starting point for people questioning their sexuality.




Some useful information about what PFLAG is and what we do.


Sexuality & Gender Diversity is not a choice

Written by Shelley Argent (National Spokesperson, PFLAG Australia), this information booklet is designed for parents, families and friends of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people who are in the process of “coming out”.


Information Summary (non-English speaking background)

This document is a summary of general information regarding acceptance and coming out. It is a summary of our existing English documentation, provided for those of a non-English speaking background.

Reaching our in your language

A multi-language guide about what PFLAG is and what we do.



Questions for Those Who Want to Know & Understand Diversity

Written by Shelley Argent (National Spokesperson, PFLAG Australia), this brochure provides some questions & tips for those who want to know and understand sexual diversity regarding a loved one but just don’t know the questions to ask.



Family & Community Booklets

Coming Out


Some useful information for both the parents and the person coming out. We’ve also written a post on this that might interest you.


Common sense tips to support those working with Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI)

This booklet has been written for teachers to provide some insight and practical ideas to be more supportive and understanding when meeting or recognising a young person struggling with their diverse sexuality or gender identity.


Be an Ally for Equal Rights

Straight for Equality is an invitation and opportunity for people who believe in equality for all Australians and their loved ones including the lesbian and gay couples living in our community.


Indigenous Families

Written by PFLAG Brisbane, this booklet provides a summary of information from our ‘Sexuality is not a choice’ booklet (refer to the top of this page), for indigenous parents.


An Experience of Being Bisexual

Blake Paul Kendall writes about his experience of being bisexual.


Photo Book: What about our children?


This photo album has been produced with love and pride. It displays the love and gratitude PFLAG parents experience when our sons and daughters in same sex relationships become parents and we have the joy of becoming grandparents. We have also produced the album as a reminder to those genuinely concerned that “our grandchildren” have grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. the same as children born to heterosexual parents: just like your family!


Rural & Regional Families

Written by Shelley Argent (National Spokesperson, PFLAG Australia), this information booklet is written with the intention of providing support and information to regional and rural parents who have sons and daughters who have disclosed they may be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBTI).


How to establish and run a PFLAG group

Written by Shelley Argent (National Spokesperson, PFLAG Australia), this information pack was written to provide details on establishing, promoting and running a PFLAG group.




Info for Parents with Transgender Sons and Daughters

Information written for parents with children both young and adults, identifying as transgender.


Parents in the Process of Transitioning

Information written for parents in the process of transitioning, with information on how to explain this to their children.



School & Work Life Booklets

Homophobia in the Workplace


Written by Lynda Dowling, Katherine Eastaughffe, Una Harkin & Shelley Argent, this booklet provides information about addressing homophobia, and homophobic harassment, in the workplace. It is written to encourage understanding and acceptance of lesbian and gay work colleagues. The booklet provides tips on how to be more inclusive which benefit all concerned.



Tradies Toolbox Guide: Ending homophobic behavious at the work site

A toolbox guide to ending hoimiophobic behaviors and abuse at the work site.


Minimising Bullying of Sexual and Gender Diverse Students at Schools

The intention of this booklet is to provide educators with additional information regarding bullying of LGBTIQ+ students in high schools. The majority of the information has been sourced from affected students and their parents.


Feeling bullied?

Some useful information about what to do if your gay child is being bullied or vilified at school. Despite real advances in addressing diversity in a theoretical way as part of the Health and Physical Education syllabus, gay children (or children perceived to be gay) are still subject to unacceptable behaviours by other children in the school environment.

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Rabbi Paul J Jacobson: Towards Equality

Rabbi Paul J Jacobson is from the Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney. Here is an excerpt from a sermon given in 2011, titled “Towards Equality”.


A Pastoral Response to the Homosexuality in the Church

This article was written as part of Rev. Matt Glover’s theological studies and in response to the pain and suffering he has seen in his journey with the LGBT community.

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