Our Aims

1. To promote understanding and support for families

Research shows that the number one factor in reducing the alarming numbers of suicide amongst LGBTIQA+ people is family support.  Our aim is to assist families so that they, in turn, can help support their children and perhaps other parents through their journey.

2. Educate the general community

PFLAG+ believes it is important for society to understand the negative impact homophobic and transphobic attitudes along with outdated myths and beliefs, have on LGBTIQ+ people.

Our messages are generally delivered through varying media outlets and speaking to community organisations on a variety of topics that create understanding and support for our sexual and gender diverse loved ones.

We believe there is a need to:

  • Create awareness that sexual or gender diversity isn’t a choice, but people choose to be happy in their life
  • Promote an understanding that those living in the LGBTIQ+ community aren’t deviants and don’t lack morals;
  • Highlight the issue of internalised homophobia or feelings of being perceived as second rate that many experience
  • Ensure people are aware of the possibility of substance abuse, depression and suicidal ideation – which isn’t because of their diversity, it’s because of the impact of out dated societal attitudes that still persist
  • Make people aware of the homelessness for LGBTIQ+ youth because of the fear of parental reaction or they have been rejected y family. Studies show 1 in 5 youth are sleeping on the street or sleeping on friends couches because of family abandonment

PFLAG+ believes educating the community about sexual and gender diversity makes people less judgmental and removes the “fear” factor when someone they know discloses to them.

3. Advocate for equality

PFLAG+ is very active, in both state and national levels meeting with politicians, letter writing to politicians and regular political campaigns.

  • Equality;
  • Age of Consent;
  • Adoption and surrogacy
  • Panic Defense
  • Marriage equality
  • Economic equality

PFLAG+ made submissions to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Inquiry into Economic Discrimination of Same Sex Couples, several Senate Inquiries into Marriage equality, and Senate Inquiries into Religious Discrimination and the Ruddock Review into Religious Discrimination.

In 2008 (AHRC) Australian Human Rights Commission – Annual Human Rights Awards Ceremony in Sydney PFLAG+ Brisbane received a “Highly Commended” award in the Community Award for recognition of their work with the LGBTIQ+ Community in Queensland.

PFLAG+ Brisbane as a group, believe it’s important for our children to expect the same dignity and rights their heterosexual siblings enjoy in the eyes of the federal government and society as a whole. Until this is achieved, PFLAG+ parents will continue to lobby governments, speak out in the media and educate the community as a whole because we believe this is the way to make a better world for our sexual and gender diverse children.