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  1. Voting to protect all your children’s rights

    We may not know how our children will turn out, but if they discover they are LGBTIQ+ we can at least try to make sure…

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  2. History

    This is the history of PFLAG in Queensland from 1990 – 2012 and 2014 – 2017 (written from Shelley’s perspective).   eBook Download Shelley’s 30-page…

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  3. Coming Out

    This post provides some useful information for both the parents and the person coming out. You may also be interested in reading our various publications.…

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  4. Video

    PFLAG Perspectives Series Below are 3 videos from the PFLAG Perspectives series, with Shelley Argent. These videos cover the topics of Schools, Support and Human…

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  6. Publications & eBooks

    General Information Booklets   Family & Community Booklets   Transgender   School & Work Life Booklets   Religion  

  7. Posters

    “About PFLAG” poster Twenty-five thousand posters for our “That’s so gay” (it’s so yesterday!) campaign have been printed and were sent to schools and community…

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  8. Audio

    Conference Audio Recordings PFLAG held its third national conference in 2007 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. A number of guest speakers took part…

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  9. Newsletters

    2021 Newsletters January February March April May June July August October 2020 Newsletters January March May July August October November 2019 Newsletters January – February…

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  10. About Us

    For more about PFLAG and what we do, please download our information booklet. Alternatively, check out some of the links below.   What would you…

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