We may not know how our children will turn out, but if they discover they are LGBTIQ+ we can at least try to make sure they have the same rights as their brothers and sisters.

When there are elections happening, being aware of the appetite that political parties have for maintaining LGBTIQ+ people’s rights is part of that.

So here’s what we do know about the record of the main parties hoping for election in the 2020 Qld State Elections and how LGBTIQ+ people’s fortunes changed based on who was in power.

LNP (2012-2015)

  • Defunded every LGBTIQ+ Community Organisation
  • Made Access to Support for LGBTIQ+ Youth at Risk Difficult Closed the Only Gender Clinic in Queensland
  • Repealed the Legislation for LGBTIQ+ Civil Parnerships Replaced it with an inhuman “Relationship Register”

Labor (2015-2020)

  • Expunged Homosexuality as a Crime
  • Removed the Gay Panic Defence for Murder
  • Introduced Equality in Adoption
  • Introduced Equality in Surrogacy
  • Introduced Equality in Assisted Reproductive Therapy Reintroduced Civil Partnerships after LNP Outlawed Them Recognised LGBTIQ+ Partners from
  • Interstate and OS Improved Workplace Legislation for LGBTIQ+ people Recognised the Rights of LGBTIQ+ School Students

The current Labor Government in Qld has reversed many of the rights lost under the previous LNP Government. We will continue to push for further improvements to this position.

Please make an informed decision of your own when it’s time to cast your vote and stay tuned to our Facebook page on any updates to the parties’ positions.