Same Sex Marriage: A Free Vote, not a Plebiscite

By PFLAG Brisbane - 28th November 2015

To the People of Australia who are concerned about marriage equality will harm the children in families with same sex parents When people say “what about the children?” they need to realise they are talking about our grandchildren; the children of our sons and daughters in same sex relationships.  However, there is no need for concern.  Our grandchildren are very precious to us. They have parents and family, who love and appreciate them and as their grandparents we provide unconditional...

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Fundraising for Campaign – “What about our Children”

By PFLAG Brisbane - 8th November 2015

A letter from Shelley Argent OAM (Queensland President PFLAG & National Spokesperson PFLAG) Over the years I have had many tell me that they would like to help but either “don’t know what to do” or “they work and can’t help because they don’t have the time. As National Spokesperson, I believe we are getting very close to marriage equality for our LGBTI sons and daughters and here is a way you can genuinely help. The final campaign will be costly. Over...

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A Pastoral Response to the Homosexuality in the Church

By PFLAG Brisbane - 17th October 2010

The following was written as part of my theological studies and in response to the pain and suffering I have seen in my journey with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) community. All the stories told are taken from current literature, however I hope to continue and expand my research in 2011, with new examples and real life stories, taken from people that I have met. If you or somebody you know would like to tell your story, please...

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Keeping love & family closeness alive

By PFLAG Brisbane - 3rd June 2010

At the end of the day, most parents want a strong, close and harmonious family, and their sons or daughters want to know that they are loved and they matter. So often this is turned on its head with the transition parents go through after finding out their kid is gay or lesbian. This phase can be very emotional and if not done well, can lead to important relationships being damaged often taking years to repair. One of the most...

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