To the People of Australia who are concerned about marriage equality will harm the children in families with same sex parents…

When people say “what about the children?” they need to realise they are talking about our grandchildren; the children of our sons and daughters in same sex relationships.  However, there is no need for concern.  Our grandchildren are very precious to us. They have parents and family, who love and appreciate them and as their grandparents we provide unconditional love just the same as any other family.

Our grandchildren have role models.  They have males and females in their lives. Our grandchildren have uncles, aunts and family friends, just the same as any other family. Some are even lucky enough to have Great Grandparents, but most of all they have parents who believe they are their first priority; just the same as it should be in any other family.

However, if those who show concern are genuine about our grandchildren’s well being, they can support them by encouraging politicians to have a Free Vote and to vote “yes” to marriage equality. This will ensure their parents (our sons and daughters) can be married just the same as any other couple.  All families are different and everyone wants the best for their children and grandchildren. They are our future.

As grandparents we genuinely fear a Plebiscite will cause anguish to many of our older grandchildren who understand the impact and outcome it can have on their lives and their parents.

Personally, people may fear our grandchildren are or will be stigmatised by having same sex parents, but consider who stigmatise and discriminate against our children?  It isn’t those who know and love them or truly care them.

Studies show our grandchildren lose nothing by having parents in a same sex relationship. Studies also show our grand children are just as well adjusted as their peers with heterosexual parents.

If you or someone you know is a person who would vote against marriage equality because of concern for the children’s well being, please consider:

  • Children are not a “given” anyway when two people of the same sex marry (how can it be?)
  • Same sex couples are legally having children in this country anyway and will continue to have children
  • Same sex couples foster children in Australia, so what is wrong with having their own children?
  • Federal government has acknowledged same sex couples and children as families regarding Medicare, family benefits etc since 2008

So, if people truly care “about the children” allow their parents (our sons and daughters) to marry and permit our grandchildren the emotional stability other children take for granted because their parents are married.

Please help out, by…

Thank you.


Shelley Argent AOM
Queensland President PFLAG
National Spokesperson PFLAG